Displacement lubricator steam jet oiler

Oil Dispenser - Glass Oiler - metric

Oil Dispenser metric thread M 3 - M 4 - M 5

Brass oil cup

Oil cup with screw-cap brass with thread M 3 and M 4

Turnbuckle - Mini-Brass

Rigging Screw - brass

Soldering flange BRASS

Soldering flange NW 2 NW 3 NW 4 NW 5 NW 6 NW 8 ...

Screw brass flange

Brass Pulley

Brass pulleys 1 and 2 new

Brass Pulley No.3

Block - Brass

Winch - Block and brass block with hook

Block with Hook R = 10 mm H = 23 mm h = 18 mm A = ...

Steering wheel for ships - brass

Hand wheel - brass and bronze

Rowing - brass horns

Brass porthole with rivetedge hole Ø 0.5 0.6

Brass handle bars

Double Bollard - Double Cross Bollard

Position lamps - brass

Reelingstützen round brass

Horn and Horn Triple - Brass

Brass Shackles

MS hinges of length x total width

Clevis pin with spring hinged

Fork with spring loaded pins Alu

Ball joints

Micro-coated steel ropes and with plastic

Micro-rope, steel with plastic coating and steel

Micro-chains of brass

Micro chains of brass D = 1.3 - 3.7 mm

HO brass wheels

HO - Brass Nickel Black wheels with axle Wave-nickel steel 8 spokes

Wood model guns - brass

Beer and wine barrels from wood