Model - steel washers

Model U.Scheiben rotated with chamfer d1 x d2 x s Indoor outdoor s d1 d2 Thickness exact ...

Washer DIN 125 B and 433 Schnorrdisks

Copper rivets - Aluminium

Riveting / rivets - brass and steel

MS = brass rivets from 0.35 to 1.5 turned Pressed brass DIN 660


VA steel balls

These stainless steel balls are ideal for hobbyists, for the technical professional, a ball bearing and ...

Cylindrical steel pins tolerance M6

Dowel pins, spring steel

Spring washers - VA Steel

Retainers backup disk

Notch nails, half round

Compression Springs - Spring Steel

O - Ring, Nitrile

O-Ring temperature of 30-100 º C, resistance to oils, fats, water, gasoline, glycols